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Quick Instructions

  1. To Create/Edit/Delete a Sim Reservation you MUST be logged in.
  2. Click desired Reservation Start Time and hold mouse button down.
  3. Drag mouse down to desired Reservation End Time and release mouse button.
  4. Complete the online reservation form.
  5. Click the Save/Reserve or Cancel button to complete.
  6. NOTE: 10 MINUTE GRACE PERIOD. If you or your instructor are not present in the simulator within 10 minutes of your scheduled start time, YOUR session WILL be forfeited if another student is present and ready to proceed.
  7. Upon completion of your training session, re-open your reservation and update the ACTUAL Hobbs time, since this is what you will be billed for.
iPad and SmartPhone Users:
  1. Touch the START TIME position and RELEASE. Wait for Pop-Up screen.
  2. Edit Configuration and Instructor dropdown boxes.
  3. Edit the SIM END TIME box using :15 minute increments.
  4. Click Save/Reserve or Cancel button.
Complete Instructions & Help